About 1AP Capital

1AP Capital is a professional moneylending / credit company specializing in Personal Loans, Business Loans, Foreigner Loans, Education Loans, Medical Loans, Wedding Loans, Vacation Loans, and Renovations packages.

Our company was established with a vision of providing competitive credit services to the public. We pride ourselves as an alternatives for loans from the banks. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and service excellence is what we believe in. With our beliefs, we are confident that we will be able to assist you professionally in providing a suitable loan solution which specially caters to your needs.

1AP Capital Consultants

We are a group of professionally trained Credit Consultants

We go to great lengths to appoint motivated and dedicated Credit Consultants with a natural instinct for credit assessment. Our consultants are well-versed in matters of risk assessment, legal framework, and are acquainted with local business practices of cases placed.

In addition, we work closely with the Ministry of Law in providing proper and accurate information of our employees to facilitate their background check. In doing this, we could ensure that our employees will provide quality n honest information and advice to our prospective valued customers.

1AP Capital Reasonable Interest Rates

1AP Capital Recovery

Our Recovery Enforcer are well-versed in matters of risk assessment, legal framework, dispute management. Our Recovery Enforcers are competent, tactful and persistent negotiators with debtors to create workable arrangements in solving payment problems.

Our Recovery Officers are professionally trained and operate within the jurisdiction of Singapore Law.

We believe many consumers do not want to progress till a stage where debt collection is inevitable, hence our in-house recovery officer is an alternative. We will try to understand your situation and further compromise or even re-evaluate the loan packages.


Embarked on a new career with us

We are pleased to recruit promising and successful people into our company. We can work together to assist the community we living in towards a debt free lifestyle. You can send in your CV/Resume through admin@apcredit.sg with a subject Career. We hope to hear from you soon.

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