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Personal loans for Singaporeans & Foreigners at low interest rates. Fast loans within a day, no hidden fees!

What Is Personal Loan?

As the global uncertainties continue hampering the country’s growth, it has become even harder for household owners to access an easy personal loan. Banks are even more stringent than ever.

At 1AP Capital, we are committed to providing easily accessible credit to all customers without any bias. We appreciate that emergencies can arise any time and our customized loan Singapore packages are designed to offset short-term monetary needs.

Urgent financial needs in the middle of the month? 1AP Capital is always ready to help!

Our personal loan products can be adapted to any unique short-term financial needs our customers have and we promise to exceed your expectations. With our personal loan, you can meet any type of short-term financial needs be it renovations, school fees, medical emergencies or any other pressing financial need.

Our loan products can up to $120,000 or more depending on your monthly income. Your loan assistant will help explain how much you can borrow comfortably.

We are committed to making our personal loans easily accessible. We promise to offer fast cash services once your loan has been approved and you can receive the money on the spot.

Our online application form now makes it even easier for customers to access their loans. You just need to come down to our office, sign the loan agreement and get your cash.

Flexible Repayment Scheme

Flexible Repayment Scheme

Our team will look at your income and plan a repayment plan accordingly. Alternate solutions available.

On-the-spot Disbursement

On-the-spot Disbursement

We are able to pass you your cash right away once your loan has been approved!

Higher Borrowing Limits

Higher Borrowing Limits

1AP Capital is able to offer larger loans due to our extensive experience.

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Fill up an application form

It takes an estimated 5 minutes to complete.

Receive application result and make appointment

Our loan officer will contact you within 24 hour upon form submission.

Sign agreement and get your cash

Confirm your loan contract and get your money without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide personal loans, education loans, credit card consolidation loans, car loans, renovation loans, business loans and more.

You can choose to repay your loan installments through ATM Transfers, ATM Deposits, Bank Deposits, or Internet Transfer to any of our local bank accounts. Alternatively, you can also do your loan repayments in cash or through cheques at our office.

We do not need a guarantor in most cases.

Yes, of course! You will always be welcomed at 1AP Capital.


Our experienced loan consultants will take pleasure in providing you with a structured loan plan based on your financial capacity. It is important that you provide an accurate account of your financial status so that we can assist you in the best possible way.

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