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Situations that you may need urgent cash and how much you can borrow today.

Applying For An Urgent Loan With The Best Interest Rates And Fast Approval

Admit it, there are situations where we all need cash urgently. Be it a medical emergency, a job transition, a credit card debt or simply needing cash for daily use, there are times when we need urgent cash in Singapore.

Urgent loans are popular in Singapore.

They are credit facilities that will enable you to access cash quickly. Most Singaporeans choose to take an urgent loan when faced with situations that require swift financial intervention.

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With years of extensive experience and highly knowledgable staff, we are able to serve customers quickly and efficiently, meeting their needs. We can hit the nail on the head and solve our customers’ financial problems quickly.

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Here are a few types of Urgent Loans that Singaporeans apply for:

  1. A fast cash loan

    This is a quick urgent loan in Singapore that allows you to borrow an amount of money that is determined by the level of your salary. When getting the fastcash loan, you will sign a contract which dictates when and how much you have to repay.

    You can use this cash to settle urgent bills that may have fallen due before you receive your monthly pay.

  2. Urgent loan for foreigners

    Are you a foreigner living and working in Singapore? Worry not, for there are loans that cater to foreigners as well.

    Urgent loans for foreigners are loans specially customized for foreigners who have a valid work permit in Singapore. In cases of financial emergencies, this urgent loan with affordable interest rates will definitely come in handy.

  3. Short-term business loan

    Other than personal financial needs, entrepreneurs and business owners might need a short-term business loan as well.

    This is a short-term and useful loan that you can apply for. If you need cash urgently to settle business hiccups or funding issues, 1AP Capital will be able to lend you a hand.

    The money from this loan is useful as it helps the company resolve its cash flow challenges.

    It also helps when revenue is low or when there are upgrades needed. You can use the cash for supplier and bill payments, business promotion and advertisements, inventory upgrades, equipment purchase, room or office rental and business expansion. Short-term business loans are usually approved within a day and quickly disbursed by licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

  4. A cash advance on a credit card

    You can use your credit card facility to get an urgent loan. There is the option of either withdrawing cash at the ATM or over-the-counter. However, this option should only be used in cases of real emergencies because it is a high-cost credit line.

So, how much can I borrow in Singapore?

In general, you can borrow any amount for secured loans. This is because of the collateral you need to provide.

For unsecured loans, where you do not need to provide any collateral, there are certain loan caps for different income borrowers.

For Singapore citizens and permanent residents who make an annual income of less than $20,000, they will be able to borrow $3,000. If their annual income is at least $20,000, they can borrow 6 times their monthly income.

For foreigners residing in Singapore who make an annual income of less than $10,000, they are allowed to borrow $500. For those who make an income of at least $10,000 but less than $20,000, they can borrow more at $3,000. Should their annual income be at least $20,000, they will be able to borrow 6 time their monthly income as well.

Getting a loan is no small matter. Please do your due diligence and checks before applying for one. However, if you do want to get a loan, you can consider getting 1AP Capital’s Urgent Loan.

Fast approval rates

Fast approval rates

1AP Capital’s Urgent Loan is as the name suggests. We are fast! We keep the paperwork to a minimum and can approve of your loan within a few hours, should you qualify.

Convenient online application

Convenient online application

Time is precious. Understanding that, we have made our loan application available online. Save time and get the money you need.

Quick disbursement of cash

Quick disbursement of cash

Following the urgent loan’s approval, the disbursement of cash is usually done within a few hours. You can possibly get the cash you need within a day and solve your financial crisis.

No need to have a high credit rating

No need to have a high credit rating

You don’t need a good credit score to get a loan with us. Unlike banks that have stricter loan requirements, we are much more flexible and less demanding.

No need for collateral

No need for collateral

Urgent loans are unsecured loans, which means that no collateral is required. It is a great advantage because you will be able to get access to the funds that you need urgently without the complications of having to look for a suitable asset that can be the security.

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