Payday Loan for Household Owners with Piling Bills to Pay

Times are hard in Singapore amidst a slow economy and escalating prices. The global economic slowdown coupled with rapid shifts has not helped things. The spiraling effect of this situation is being felt by household owners. Bills are piling even as more financial needs emerge. While it was possible in the past to go to your bank for a loan, most people are now finding it hard to meet the stringent conditions. With poor credit, household owners cannot access cash during emergencies.

At 1AP Capital, we understand how precarious this situation is. We are a licensed moneylender approved by the Ministry of Law ( with years of experience in the industry. We provide creatively packaged payday loans to help you through the month. Our team understands that emergencies do occur right in the middle of the month leading to financial headaches, but you now have an easy solution through our payday loans. If you have any financial emergency, our team is always ready to find a flexible loan product to get you back on your feet.


The 1AP Capital Story

Our company has been in the financial industry for many years and our financial advisors boast years of experience in the sector. We have a strong foundation based on trust and integrity and this has helped us grow tremendously. We are guided by a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our team has created innovative loan products and over the years our payday loans have become one of the recommended in the country. We are proud to receive our business mainly from referrals and return borrowers.

Due to our high code of ethics, we have built a strong reputation in the industry. We have a full-time customer service team compromising of financial advisors who are always ready to answer all our clients’ queries. We are among the first companies to provide online loan applications, and our team is constantly working to come up with more innovative products. If you have a financial emergency today, give us a call and a dedicated loan assistant will assist you in getting a suitable payday loan Singapore package.

1AP Capital Payday Loans

Having worked in the financial industry for years, we appreciate how difficult it is to get fast credit from your bank. We have seen many people suffer through the month due to unattended financial emergencies. Others have resorted to unlicensed moneylenders with devastating consequences. At 1AP Capital, we are committed to changing this through our innovative payday loans. Our loans are available to anyone with a fixed income and they are perfect to sort our cash shortfalls before the next payday.

Our payday loan is customized because we appreciate every person’s needs are unique. Once you talk to our loan advisor, we will advise you a suitable package to sort your financial emergency while also considering easy repayment. Our low interest loans have made us among one of the most recommended moneylenders in the country. If you are looking for an alternative to sort your cash shortfall, get in touch. Whether you want to repair your car, pay a pending bill or clear your mortgage fees, we have the right loan product for you.

We have the most flexible eligibility requirements in the industry because we are committed to providing hassle-free loan products. To qualify for our payday loans, here are the requirements:

  • NRIC/FIN card
  • Pay slips for the last 3 months
  • Proof of residence which can be a hand phone bill, rental agreement or PUB bill
  • Tax return statements or other proof of income.

At 1AP Capital, we understand that you need this cash quickly and we have streamlined the application process. You can now apply online through our application form on our website, and our loan officers will get back to you as soon as possible on the appointment date and time at our office. We have optimized our operations to make sure you get your payday loan Singapore as fast as possible. Our team of financial advisors is ready to discuss the most flexible option based on your income and needs. We operate under a high code of ethics and our agreement has no hidden charges.

We always stay in touch to ensure easier repayment. If you want to reschedule your existing loan, don’t hesitate to call us. We understand that financial situations can change any time and we are ready to listen to our clients to provide the most flexible repayment schedules.

Why Choose 1AP Capital?

Of course there are many moneylenders in the country, but our loan products stand out. Our products are launched after thorough research in the market and this makes them popular with the customers. We have a streamlined loan process, which makes it easier to apply and receive your cash. More importantly, we are a licensed money lending company operating under a strict code of ethics by the Ministry of Law. Our loan assistants are highly knowledgeable and clients receive the best advice on the payday products available.

If you are looking for a hassle-free, no-credit check payday loan, get in touch today and let our financial advisors help you find the ideal credit option for you.

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