Repayment Calculator

Find out how much your loan costs with our advanced calculator.

Minimum $500, Maximum $100,000
Maximum 36 months

Monthly Repayment 3815.24

Total Interest 2891.44

Total Repayment 22891.44

The result from repayment calculator is for reference only. Actual result will be based on customer’s final loan amount, credit rating and other factors as assigned and considered by 1AP Capital.

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Urgent Cash Loans

Situations that you may need urgent cash and how much you can borrow today.

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Business Loan

Never miss out on business opportunities. Get the cash flow your business needs here.

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Wedding Loan

Love is in the air! Get all you need for your big day with a little help.

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Fast Cash Loan

Fast cash loans for all emergencies. The immediate help you need.

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Renovation Loan

Welcome home to a modern and personalised setting, where you rest and recharge.

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Personal Loan

Personal loans for Singaporeans & Foreigners at low interest rates. Fast loans within a day, no hidden fees!

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An education loan is a good debt. It is a form of investment in yourself.

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